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Cooperative for Development and Agro-food Processing in Akkar & Dennieh

The cooperative established in 2008 is located in Deir Dalloum Akkar, and has a long time vision for a responsible agricultural society that cooperates and contributes to achieve sustainable development in rural areas.

The cooperative provides agricultural extension and advanced services to farmers. As well, it supports the agricultural sector and its development through providing fuit and vegetable waxing, sorting, and packaging; promegranate and fruit possessing; herb and fruit drying. This amplifies farmer's competitiveness in domestic and international markets.

The Cooperative is producing a range of products under the brand of "KHAYRAT", as a result from collective effort of rural women. Fresh produce is gathered directly from farmers and processed based on traditional lebanese methods considering food safety to the consumer as end-product does not contain any artifical additives.

The cooperative receives technical suppport from Safadi foundation's team.