Project Details

WARED - Rural development and sustainable agriculture

  • ongoingStatus
  • 2016-06-01Start Date
  • 2018-06-01End Date
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The project consists of three main components: the establishment of aromatic plants production units to ensure additional income throughout the year, and the creation of water and oil extraction unit to improve the commercial value of agricultural products as well as implementation of three women-led grassroots initiatives.

The first phase consists of selection of women beneficiaries. These beneficiaries will later receive several trainings about crop management, management and personal development in order to be able to manage their own home-based units. Seedlings and irrigation systems will be distributed and women will be able to start their own production.

The second phase consists of establishing the water and oil extraction unit. Following the establishment of the home-based units and initiation of extraction, through market linkages, women will be able to begin selling their essential oils and waters: rosewater, syrup and essential oils of aromatic plants. It is expected that these products will represent an added-value product that can increase income potential for the beneficiaries.

The third phase includes the implementation of three women-led grassroots initiatives. Women will have their capacities build in community leadership and they will be offered hands-on experience so that they can apply these newly acquired skills. This will build the confidence they need to recognize that they can play an effective role in their communities and in creating impact for their fellow citizens. Selected beneficiaries will design and implement their own small project, further strengthening their understanding and capacities to become women leaders.

Project objectives

To strengthen the roles of women as active agents in balance sustainable economic development in Akkar

To build women’s capacities in modernized techniques of traditional agro-production practices

To increase diverse income-generating opportunities for rural women in the aromatic plant sector