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President's Message

Upon approaching our second decade of establishment and at times when our societies and economies are facing grave difficulties, it is with even stronger deliberation and determination that I feel the urge to pursue and adopt development work on multiple levels.

Safadi Foundation believes that Lebanon is a country rich in history, culture and economic wealth. The long line of successful people around the globe is only one example of the potential that exists in this small yet highly capable country.

Building on this belief, we will move forward with our programs in supporting the most vulnerable communities in Lebanon paying special attention to women and youth. A major factor in maintaining sound societies, involves the improvement of economic conditions of people; and this is achievable through building capacities and skills of individuals to become more productive.

In pursuit of that, our teams in the field are constantly in touch with communities to carefully explore and study needs in order to design the hands-on development programs and projects.

Our network of local and international supporters and NGOs is a truly valuable resource that allows us to partner and collaborate with an aim to create a stronger impact through the implemented programs.

Finally, we renew our commitment for development and aspire to uplift family conditions through our main programs; namely, the Social Development Sector, the Rural and Agriculture Development Sector and the Learning and Training sector.

Mohamad Safadi


Support sustainable development in Lebanon through: building individual and collective capacities, and disseminating innovative techniques for the efficient use of resources.


Our vision is a cohesive society enriched with opportunities. We hope to create a place that captures and preserves the values, heritage and the history of coexistence in our community by breaking the social barriers between people.


We believe in freedom of expression and choice.

We  aspire to achieve social justice for all.

We base our credibility on transparency and quality performance.

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