OCT Program

The “Old City of Tripoli (OCT) Development Program” is an intervention program, consisting of development projects and initiatives that comply with the primary needs of the citizens in the Old City of Tripoli, through three main hubs: health and education, social economic development, and urban social development.

The project comes as a result to the “Socioeconomic participatory assessment of the Old City of Tripoli” conducted by the “Safadi Foundation” in 2015, through which it aimed to observe the concrete data and develop a deeper understanding of the urban social issues in the OCT, in order to alleviate poverty in it.

Through its report, the Foundation has developed twenty projects within the three main hubs. These projects, which would contribute to the alteration of the negative indicators into development opportunities, were presented during the development conference the Foundation held at the Grand Serail, under the patronage of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and in the presence of the concerned parties from ministries, private sector and local and international sponsors. Those would help develop a state of awareness and common knowledge, and motivate the concerned to place their resources in different sectors, in response to the initiatives, provided that the Foundation would act as the coordinator and stimulator.


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