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The OCT Development Program, consists of several development projects and initiatives:


1. Establishment of a primary health care center & activation of family medicine

The comprehensive project aims to establish a primary health care center that will provide primary health care and preventive services for families, to facilitate the access of the OCT population to health awareness services, diagnostic and treatment.


2. Establishment of a tutoring & extracurricular activities center

The project aims to reduce school dropout rate caused by difficulties in language and scientific materials, through providing educational, technical and extracurricular support programs for students, who would intervene in various social levels (individual-collective and community)


3. Development of self-performance improvement programs by creating a student motivation mechanism

The project aims to motivate students who are at risk of dropping out by providing cash to their families during their studies, and through providing them with scholarships as well as supporting students with learning difficulties.


4. Establishment of a youth and student orientation center

The project aims to reduce rate of school dropout by offering guidance and information about vocational and university education to students and youth, and through supporting them with their career planning process in cooperation with Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Education.


5. Development of socio educational assistance in schools???????

The project aims to confront educational shortfalls within the educational institutions through coordination with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Education, to be led by local non-governmental organizations.


6. Establishment of local committees to support the educational process

The project aims to strengthen the educational process by establishing a committee (including representatives of residents, families, schools, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Affairs, NGOs, local authority) which will work on leading an awareness campaign, influencing policies, securing the best service quality, specifying priorities, assessing needs, and securing accountability.


7. Support of traditional industries in the Old City of Tripoli

The project aims to find mechanisms to support skills transfer and to enhance the production in crafts sector in Tripoli, and to later associate it with cultural heritage of the city, by associating it with the cultural heritage and urban development project.


8. Branding and capacity building & training project for the Old City of Tripoli

The project aims to find mechanisms to support value added craft products (clarity, better presentation, additional profit margin, new stores) and to market them in order to maintain the commercial and artisanal activities of the Old City of Tripoli.


9. Establishment of touristic centers in the Old City of Tripoli

The Project aims to establish a database, touristic guidelines and activities to attract tourists (local souvenirs, artistic crafts, organization of trips and events) in “El Tel” region and near “Hammam Ezzedine” (Turkish Bath) in the Old City of Tripoli. To be coordinated with Ministry of Commerce, Monuments General Directorate, Tripoli Municipality, and the cultural heritage and urban development project.


10. Establishment of an investment and marketing office in the Old City of Tripoli 

The project aims to develop marketing plans to attract investments, through mobilization and conciliation between local and national efforts to support strategic sectors, which are considered the non-official strong side of the economy (textile, handicrafts, tourism, hospitality, beverages, construction, restoration and maintenance, car industry, services and commerce, carpentry and furniture, design and creativity, jewelleries, traditional copper work, soap and inflatable glass).


11. Integration of youth as workforce in handcraft & industrial sectors

The project aims to support youth productivity during the learning/ training period in small or medium enterprises to facilitate their integration in the work field with public and private sectors.


12. Development & support of recruitment & orientation offices???????

The project aims to support youth to access to employment opportunities through providing guidance and training on communication, commercial business and studies.


13. Awareness and civic culture promotion

The project aims to raise youth and students’ awareness (6-18 years old) about the experience of living in the Old City of Tripoli, and the opportunity to grow inside the historical city which is surrounded by a phenomenal cultural heritage.


14. Establishment of local committees for improvement of living conditions???????

The projects aims to scale up the percentage of participation of local residents in managing their city, in addition to gathering tenants and owners even NGOs and city planners inside one institution to specify solutions about how to maintain housing conditions and how to improve them.


15. Construction of individual students dorms

The project aims to attract new guests to the city and to create an opportunity to build a relation between owners and tenants, to reconstruct houses and apartments, especially for students’ society. This project can be a permanent office or an NGO.


16. Promotion of cultural heritage???????

The project aims to find convenient environment to revitalize public space including a change to the city’s image, and reduction of collective tension, which will contribute in improving the attractiveness of the Old City of Tripoli. It will help achieve stability in the population structure and return of new middle class groups (new couples, new students, youth etc...)


17. Establishment of socio cultural clubs for women and children???????

The project aims to find a secure space for youth, housewives and their children, by integrating them in programs to ameliorate their skills and to develop the social relations between them.


18. Regional marketing campaign and media empowerment

The project aims to market Tripoli and present it to the media as a city with a unique local identity through a strategic marketing campaign that increases the city’s importance, and motivates local economic development (that reduces in itself customs and traditions).