ROSE Project Details

Rehabilitation of poor families housing

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The project of rehabilitating housing by health standards aims to improve the engineering environment of almost 1500 residential units in the OCT. Moreover, a large part of those units is threatened of collapsing and considered as archeological as they date back to the Mamluks Era; therefore, this project also aims to improve the health environment in which the population lives, through reducing the moisture, humidity and water leakage problems, and rehabilitating bathrooms and kitchens in accordance with the minimum sanitary standards.

This project also contributes to the social economic and urban development, through bringing employment opportunities for almost 750 of the youth in the region. The Foundation will train them, at the accelerated vocational training center, on eight professions related to construction, and will coordinate with the executing company in order to engage them in the construction work, thus contributing in reducing the unemployment rate in the OCT.