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Signing Ceremony of Sustain-Q Project

23 JUN 2017

Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

“Safadi Foundation”, “Municipality of Qobbayet” and “Qobbayet Agricultural Cooperative” implement the project

“SustAIN – Q” Sustainable Agricultural Irrigation Network – Qobbayet


In collaboration with the “Municipality of Qobbayet” and “Qobbayet Agricultural Cooperative”, “Safadi Foundation” signed a cooperation agreement for a new project, entitled “SustAIN – Q” Sustainable Agricultural Irrigation Network – Qobbayet, which will  be funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through the water project in Lebanon.

The one-year project aims at reinforcing the sustainable use of water and the democratic management for its distribution in Qobbayet, and increasing farmers’ access to water, through the installation of an irrigation network and the establishment of a structure for sustainable water management. The project’s stakeholders started with an assessment study for the irrigation requirements, followed by a topographic survey simultaneous with the establishment of the initial design of the network, from which various canals would ramify, distributing water to the farmers’ lands in the targeted area.

The “Municipality” and the “Foundation” will cooperate in implementing this project, through contributing in the financial and technical resources needed to carry out the required excavations. As for the “Agricultural Cooperative”, it will host at its center, the Water Management Committee, as well as the training courses. The project’s stakeholders will also collaborate to accomplish various activities, for the success of this project and the achievement of the common objectives.

The team of involving the civil sector in the water project in Lebanon, presided by Mr. Charbel Rizk, President of the “Agricultural Cooperative in Qobbayet” Mr. Mtanyos Raad, Mayor of Qobbayet Mr. Abdo Abdo represented by Deputy Mayor Mr. Joseph Khattar, and General Director of “Safadi Foundation” Mrs. Rana Mawlawi, all attended the signing ceremony, through which a technical presentation was screened regarding the project’s most prominent details, and speeches were delivered stressing the importance of this project in conserving and efficiently using the water resources.