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Launching Tara w khet abaya collection For Ramadan 2017

23 MAY 2017

In contribution with world designer Zuhair Murad

“Tara W Kheit” a collection of Abaya

Hand-made and hand-embroidered for Ramadan 2017


On the occasion of the oncoming advent of the Holy Month of Ramadan, “Tara W Kheit” launched, in the Tripoli Hall at the Safadi Cultural Center-Tripoli, its new collection of hand-made and hand-embroidered Abaya, in contribution with the world designer Zuhair Murad. President of “Tara W Kheit” Mrs. Lara Safadi Habbal attended the exhibition along with General Director of “Safadi Foundation” Mrs. Rana Mawlawi, General Director of “Safadi Cultural Center” Mrs. Samira Baghdadi, women of the workshop, designer Eric Matthew Ritter and fashion lovers.

Mrs. Safadi Habbal said in a brief speech that “there is nowadays a need to empower women both socially and economically, and to bridge the gap between men and women for the development of the society”, considering that “this cannot happen without providing women with the knowledge and the means that enable them to identify their rights and their freedom”.

She also considered that “women should feel through strengthening their independence and self-confidence, that they are successful and contributing members in the family and the society”. She added clarifying that “the purpose of executing the designs of Abaya Ramadan 2017, is primarily for the material benefit of the women, and for bringing to the society’s attention what women in Tripoli are capable of doing in the fashion field, with the contribution of one of the most famous world fashion designers like Zuhair Murad”.

She also indicated that “instead of focusing our energy on resisting old traditions, we must focus that same energy on building a new future; a better one for the new generations, where the hope is never lost and the will is never restricted”.