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Closure Ceremony of Mrayti Program

19 MAY 2017


“Safadi Foundation” concludes its program “MRAYTI”

Lara Safadi: Art raises confidence in oneself and in others


“Safadi Foundation” concludes its program “MRAYTI, Expression Through Art”, which was implemented in cooperation with “Al-Ahd Al-Jadeed School” at both the Women Academy and Shababouna Center, in a ceremony held at the Safadi Cultural Center. The ceremony was attended by the Foundation’s Vice President Mrs. Lara Safadi Habbal, the Foundation’s Director Mrs. Rana al-Mawlawi, the Foundation’s Social Sector Director Mrs. Samar Boulos, the School Director Mrs. Ahlam Qabbout, along with participating students and their relatives.

Al-Mawlawi indicated that “the importance of this program resides in providing the special space for young women to express themselves and the challenges they face, through various types of art whether it be theater, drama, singing, dancing, or handcraft”, affirming that “the program is part of the Foundation’s diverse programs aimed at developing the individual and enhancing the social and economic aspects of families in the society”.

As for Mrs. Safadi, she praised “the work accomplished by the teachers during the past seven months, training the little girls and helping them develop their sense of innovation, which is a way of self-discovery”, indicating that “the program was an opportunity to raise their voice and their level of self-confidence, as through art every one could express one’s feelings and sensations, towards oneself and towards others”.

Mrs. Qabbout thanked everyone who contributed in this program starting with “the Foundation’s President MP Mohammed Safadi, who always seeks to provide moral, educational and cultural support and to create an environment beneficial for deep talents and innovations”. She also thanked “Mrs. Lara Safadi, who adopted the refinement and the qualification of the talents to be manifested by teachers, who put great efforts in drawing expressive illustrations demonstrating talents we desperately need in this era”.

The ceremony included a musical performance, a dance performance and a screening of photographs taken by the participating students, where each of them explained the reasons for choosing the specific scene to photograph. It also included an expressionist theater about women’s right in the community. The handcrafts done by the youth during the program period were also displayed in the closing ceremony, and will continue to be displayed until Saturday at the Safadi Cultural Center.