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Launching of Project Waii for drug prevention and support for substance abusers in Tripoli

30 MAY 2017

With the funding of the European Union

 “Safadi Foundation” &“Oum el Nour” launch the project 

 “WAII” for drug prevention and support for substance abusers in Tripoli

Within the framework of “WAII Community-based action for drug abuse prevention and support for substance abusers in Tripoli”, funded by the European Union, “Safadi Foundation” and “Oum el Nour” have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The signing ceremony, held at the Safadi Cultural Center in Tripoli, was attended by representatives from the ministries of Interior, Health, Social Affairs, and Education, as well as representatives from concerned associations and organization in Tripoli.

The project aims at establishing, within the local area of the city of Tripoli, a sustainable system that would correspond with the development of a unified national strategy to confront the drug abuse problem all over Lebanon. This would be achieved through providing local social centers (governmental and non-governmental), civil society organizations, NGOs and social service centers, with effective drug-prevention mechanisms, and through improving coordination mechanisms among all concerned parties that effectively contribute in fighting drug abuse.

At the signing ceremony, the field study conducted by the work team on the parents and youth in Tripoli was presented. It indicated the reality of drug abuse and the awareness about its risks, showing that “among all types of addiction, 7.8% amongst parents use cannabis and different substances, facing 9% amongst the youth”. The study also revealed a close link between drug abuse, psychological well-being and family relationships”.

Speeches delivered during the signing ceremony, emphasized on the importance of the protection and rehabilitation of the youth by all means. A round table entitled “Let’s stand against drugs” then followed and was concluded with recommendations. These recommendations were firstly of preventive level, through combining efforts between the institutions and associations working in Tripoli to fight poverty, whether through adding awareness sessions to the vocational training programs, or through merging their studies and statistics; and were secondly of therapeutic level, through establishing and implementing a pressure plan in order to find a specialized rehab center in Tripoli, in which all efforts of the ministries of  Social Affairs, Health, Interior, Justice and Education are combined.