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Launching "Tara W Khet" association

14 MAR 2017

Mrs. Lara Safadi Habbal launches “Tara W Kheit” Association

and affirms the pursuit of support to the women and their productivity in all fields

Mrs. Lara Safadi Habbal launched “Tara W Kheit” Association, under the patronage and the attendance of fashion consultant and journalist Mrs. Hadia Senno. The ceremony was attended by the Director General of “Safadi Foundation” Mrs. Rana Mawlawi, Director General of “Safadi Cultural Foundation” Mrs. Samira Baghdadi, and Director of “Safadi Cultural Center” Mrs. Nadine al-Ali Omran, along with designer Eric Matteo Ritter, a fashion-lover crowd, and the workshop ladies. It was held in the new headquarters of the Association in Al-Zahariya, Tripoli.

Following the welcoming speech by Nadine Fang, Mrs. Lara Safadi Habbal thanked all those who contributed in achieving this goal. She affirmed “the pursuit of support to the women on all levels, whether social or economic, especially in the light of the new center, furnished with new equipment in a wider space, which would help a more and better productivity”. She also expressed her pride in the “women’s achievements” noting that “their production has entered in competition, not only with the local market, but with Beirut and Lebanon as well”.

As for Senno, she called on women to “believe in what they are doing and to persevere, because through their love for their work they may reach stardom and universality”, wishing them and everyone else further success in their career.

The ceremony included a movie about the steps that led to the birth of the Association, since the Social Development Sector in “Safadi Foundation” launched the “Tara W Kheit” workshop in 2008. It was founded to strengthen the role of women in the community, in order to establish an independent association, which provides more professional and technical support to women in Lebanon, in general, and in Tripoli, in particular.